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USF Sarasota-Manatee: The Jane Bancroft Cook Library on the New College campus serves as the physical library (and is joint-use) for the students at USF Sarasota-Manatee. The is Cook Library website. Reference service, interlibrary loans, and access to the collections are available to USF SM students at the Cook Library. USF SM has two full time librarians at the USF SM Center.

Password Problems: 

  • If you are unable to access subscription library resources from off campus (such as e-books, e-journals or databases) confirm your authentication status on the library homepage. The status is located on the upper right corner.
  • If the status says “login here for full access” click on that phrase to access the login page.
  • To login with a NetID, click the   button.  The fill in boxes below the big green button should only be used to login with a library ID, the number beginning in 205 found on USF ID’s.
  • If the status is listed as “you are logged in”, but you are still unable to access resources, log-in again here
  • If access to resources is still restricted after reauthenticating, more advanced troubleshooting is required. The most common culprit is a weak authentication on your current browser.  To fix this, you can take one of three approaches
    1. Temporarily switch to a different browser
    2. Shut down and reopen the existing browser.  This should reset the authentication status and allow for a new login to occur. You may need to close the chat window as well to completely restart your browser.
    3. Delete browser cookies.  This is only recommended for users comfortable with the cookies process.
  • For problems with your NetID, contact USF’s help desk
  • For problems using the 205# located on your USF ID card, contact the library’s circulation desk at 813-974-2729

Access to Electronic Resources

Remote Access Information for the USF Libraries

Remote Access Information for USF Shimberg Health Sciences

Database Title List

USF Tampa Computing Computing, Wireless, and Network Information


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Printing/copying Policy

USF Tampa

There is no ability to make change or use money to print inside the library. Community patrons must purchase a vend card for $1.00 and then place money on the card using a vend card machine in the library.  Black & white $.11 per copy, color, $.30. Students can purchase a vend card or put money on their USF ID to print or make copies using the copy machines.

USF St. Petersburg

Bullbucks: Black & white print or copy, $.12, color print or copy, $.22
Cash: Black & white print or copy, $.20, color print or copy, $.20

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